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Raising the bar. Redefining the Expected.

  • Celebrity Judges at each Regional. Screened judges interviewed for qualified adjudicating
  • NO score tampering
  • Optional Affordable Workshop classes w/ Celeb. Judges
  • Awards are custom, quality, quantity (each duet/trio member receives award)
  • Organization, efficiency, customer service
  • Giveaways, Raffles, Prizes, scholarships, Contests
  • Next LeveL Dance League (New sports like ranking system)
  • Custom Staging and lighting
  • Hotel Room Discounts and Deals
  • Reward Promo(s) Read More


  • Only competition to have Celebrity Judges at every regional event.
  • All Judges, including celebrity Judges, are screened, interviewed, and auditioned to ensure fair, accurate, educated, and knowledgeable adjudication.
  • Absolutely NO Score Changing/Tampering. Talent is Earned, Not Given. Honesty and integrity of education above all.

Optional Workshop Classes

  • OPTIONAL and affordable dance classes/workshops at every regional event from Celeb Judges and Guest teachers.


  • Each member of a Duet or trio will receive the prize awarded. No more fighting over who keeps 1 award.
  • All awards are of hi quality, class, and material.
  • Special Custom Awards

Customer Service

  • We encourage people to contact us with any opinions or concerns.
  • All e-mails, phone calls, or messages will be replied to ASAP.
  • Next LeveL staff and workers are given strict guidelines and handbooks on specific protocols and expectations of customer service. Any staff member or worker that does not adhere to these rules will be terminated.
  • The owner will be at EACH event and can be personally contacted by phone or e-mail as well.

Special Scholarships, Awards Honors,

  • Mommy and Me Award - (Mini and Petite only) Participants must submit hand made picture of themselves and mother, as well one line of why their mom deserves this award. Award given to Mother and daughter based on daughter's submission. Winners posted on Facebook. Mother and daughter both win prizes and gifts. All other submissions will receive recognition and prizes as well.
  • Teresa Harrison Giffen Award - (Teacher) Award given to teacher that shows excellence in teaching and education in the arts. Particularly in motivating, inspiring, and challenging students. Essay must be 1-2 pages double spaced and written by student, parent, or studio owner.

In-Studio Contacts, Workshops, and Choreographers

  • Next LeveL Dance competition believes in spreading as much dance education as possible.
  • Any dance studio and owner that attends Next LeveL Dance Competition will automatically have access to our extensive networking list of teachers, choreographers, agencies, managers, and other contacts.
  • Dance studios can call Next LeveL and request help in booking choreography, workshop teachers, a specific teacher, a specific stylized teacher, and the budget they are able to work with. Next LeveL will then help find the right fit for each situation.
  • If a dance studio needs information on management, agencies, etc., Next LeveL will connect the studio with the appropriate contacts.


Whatever Next LeveL Can do to make your life easier, we will accomplish.
  • Custom Online Registration system built with extensive detail on usability, easy navigation, and color layout.
  • Mail in forms also made available.


  • Next LeveL is a big advocate for innovation and technology. However, we understand that it can be intimidating and confusing. Our staff is always on hand and open to help in any way.
  • During or after registering act, you may also upload mp3 straight to the site where you can also change if needed to edit. (Up to one week before event)
  • All music must be submitted online or by mailing in flash drive before competition.
    - This eliminates carrying 100+ cds and other devices to competition event.
    - Allows music levels to be checked and fixed, so that no error or delays occur during event.
    - Next LeveL staff will walk through the simple steps to any studio owner or parent that doesn't understand the directions.
  • If absolutely requested, studio can place all music onto flash drive, and mail flash drive with registration.


  • Top quality videos and photos offered for purchase. Video Tech Staff consists of film majors and University Graduates.
  • Brand new DVD recording and burning technology used, allowing immediate viewing and DVD before you Leave
  • If DVD can't be picked up until after competition, DVDs will be sent from that city location the next morning. If customer lives locally, DVDs can be picked up at hotel; later that night or early the next morning.
  • For YouTube Loading and other social networking, video files on flash drives are available for purchase (only available to those that purchased same acts on DVD)


  • All of our products and merchandise are created by top of the line designers that have worked or currently work for companies like Roxy, Quick Silver, Ed Hardy, etc.
  • Next LeveL Dance Competition takes pride in the products that are created to promote the Brand and Company