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2015 Season 3 Recap

3 short years ago I created Next LeveL Dance Competition in hopes that we could make a positive impact on young dancers & the dance community. Although confident, I couldn't help but worry if anyone would walk through our doors to give us a chance or why anyone would even care. With our 1st Nationals event now in the books, I can't express how blessed and thankful we at Next LeveL feel towards all of you.

This 3rd season has been filled with so many milestones and achievements... However, I'm constantly brought back to the thought of the studios, families, and dancers that have come through our door from when we first started. Without the encouragement, belief, understanding, patience, and support of all of you from day 1, we would be nothing.

We had a great season, but more importantly, we gained even more feedback and experience to take what we have done and improve from it. I promise that we will never forget the importance of each person that walks through our doors and attends our events.

We will be releasing our 2016 Cities Tomorrow & our Dates throughout the next week. Thank You once again from the bottom of my part for allowing my competition to be apart of your communities and lives. I look forward to continually growing with all of you!

Paul Vision Lee
Owner | Executive Director

Meet the Director...

Photo of Paul

Originally from the midwest, Paul received his Music Education degree from the prestigious Chapman University Conservatory of Music, in Orange, California. Paul has taught workshops and master classes all over the United States, and has locally taught dance and voice for over 8 years in Orange County. Within business, Paul was the original creator of the branding and clothing lines of many So You Think dancers. Also, Paul has an extensive background in business consultation; helping restructure and solve the marketing, financial, and organizational problems of numerous at risk companies. Paul believes that success comes with innovation, common sense, communication, and basic customer care.

"To ensure that what we provide is more than lip service, every single decision, aspect, or component of Next LeveL Dance Competition goes through myself first. Next LeveL is not owned, run, or managed by a bigger company or competition. I created this company to give people another option and a different expectation to what they deserve. Our standards were not only instilled to set Next LeveL apart, but to also hold accountability for myself and my staff. The purpose of a dance competition is to educate and care for young artists. I will be at every event to ensure these principles are upheld. Everything has been created with one thing in mind -- making sure that every participant and family leaves with the fulfillment of a great experience."