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The Rules and Awards Document is available in PDF format online. To download, right click the link and choose "Save Link As"

2018 Next Level Dance Rules (with Awards info).pdf

You will need PDF viewing software such as Adobe Reader. (Free)

Competition Schedule

Each Competition weekend's schedule may vary depending on a variety of factors (venue, weather, registration, local scheduling conflicts, etc.).

If sold out, the competition will usually be
Friday | 3 PM - 10 PM
Saturday | 7 AM - 10 PM
SUNDAY | 7 AM - 10 PM

If the competition is NOT sold out, 2 Day events will normally always take place on Saturday and Sunday. One day events can vary greatly and will usually take place on Saturday or Sunday. Also for events that aren't sold out, we sometimes try to hold master classes on Friday or the day before the scheduled competition if time & space permits.

For performances, we try to schedule things grouped by Age Groups. We usually try to have the Teens & Seniors (13 & Over) perform on Sundays and Fridays to avoid testing and school function conflicts.

Then we try to put the younger age groups on Saturday or on early morning Sunday. Once again, we try our best to accommodate the participants of each weekend, but CAN'T always follow this schedule.


Please make sure to drop off photogenic entries BEFORE the Soloists, of that performer's Age & LeveL, perform. They can be dropped off at the front desk.
*For more info. see our Comp Info Page to download the Rules PDF



  • Interview will be on stage right before solo.
  • Interview score will be based on personality, presence, & confidence from interview.
  • Regardless of how many title solos a dancer has, there is still only 1 interview.

*If an entry is competing for title, it is STILL eligible for all of the normal awards & overalls.

Interpretive Solo


  • Brand New Category promoting creativity and independence
  • Dancers download 4 song choices from their dance style at
  • Chosen at random, A minute from 1 of the 4 song choices will be played for Soloist

Interpretive solos are in it's own grouping and thus have its own high scores and Overalls.