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Employment Opportunities

As Next LeveL Dance Competition continues to expand, we are looking to hire amazing workers to help with our growth?

Customer service is priority #1 and thus we live by the following values:

  • To protect and watch over all participants at our events
  • To treat others as we would want to be treated
  • To think of other people's perspectives over our own
  • To work hard with pride and a yearning continual growth
  • To always listen and try to help other fellow co-workers

If you feel these values are of importance to you, and you have an extremely valuable skill set or are just a hard worker; Please download and fill out the application - attach a resume - and email it to

Employment Application.pdf

You will need PDF viewing software such as Adobe Reader. (Free)

Positions Hiring

Tour MC

Touring at each event, MC will be announcing each performing act, award ceremonies, and other announcements. MC must excel at:

  • Multitasking
  • High energy and friendly
  • Speech and proper vocal projection training
  • Comfortable in front of an audience

Media: Photographers/Videographers

Have a high level of experience with lighting, distance, equipment, and at event use/problem solving.

Backstage Workers

Primarily work on labor focused activities of equipment in and out of events. Must be extremely fast, diligent, efficient, and strong.

Backstage Manager

Help manage the event's efficiency, awards organization, and any other needs of the clients and participants.

Specialists: Lighting | Sound | I.T.

Apply expertise through problem solving, innovation, for at event situations. Remain current within their specific industry and the constant technological changes and advances.

*The jobs below require a HIGH level of organization & proficiency with spreadsheets, word documents, and various type of data entry.

Office Coordinator

Responsible for day to day operations and tasks

Executive Assistant

Personal assistant to Next LeveL's Executive Director encompassing a wide spectrum of duties, skills, and responsibilities.

Tour Administrator

Responsible for the logistical preparation & coordination of each Next LeveL event.

Front Desk/Merchandise Associate

Positive personality and great customer service A MUST! Responsible for handling check in at events and all tasks associated with front desk sales. Stay on top of all Merchandise related inventory, and have a high awareness of dance fashion trends, designs, styles, and sizing.