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How it works

At every regional, the top 5: Soloists, Duets/Trios, Small Groups, Large Groups, & Super Groups of every Age Category as well as Competition LeveL will be posted on under League Standings

As the 2014 Tour moves along, Next LeveL will also post the Top 5 Nationwide standings as well. Therefore, after every regional the Nationwide League Standings will possibly be changing.

Example: After 3 regional events, a first place soloist in the Detroit League Standings could be the second Place Soloist in the Nationwide League Standings. After regionals are complete, these top finalists in all categories will be invited for a special event at Nationals. Next LeveL reserves the right to not have league standings for certain age groups, levels, or group divisions depending on the number of competitors.

Triple Threat Awards

Dance League will also have a special category in the nationwide standings for the triple threat soloist and studio winners. This category only applies to the nationwide standings as the regionals will not have enough quantity for one grouping.

Top Studio Leaderboard

In the nationwide Standings there will be a special category that ranks the top studios from the events so far. All top 5 place regional finishers will be assigned a number value of 1-5. 5 going to first, 4 going to second, and so on. All points are tallied to determine the Top 10 Dance League Studios.