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Please Read our Rules & Regulations Page First!

Q: Who owns Next LeveL Dance Competition? Are you owned or affiliated with any other company?

A: Next LeveL Dance Competition has absolutely no affiliation with any other company or group.

Q: What kind of dance competition is Next LeveL?

A: We are a nationwide touring dance competition that is open to ALL styles of dance.

Q: Most Brand New Dance Competitions lack quality customer service and organization. How would yours differ?

A: Next LeveL Dance Competition was created after personally witnessing numerous examples of rude service and horrible organization. Organizational problems usually come from laziness and lack of leadership. Although brand new, Next LeveL has been organized and structured with the efficiency of a corporation. Next LeveL has a specific standard and code of conduct for all employees and company affiliates. Next LeveL Dance Competition wants to change the standard and show the dance community that they don't have to settle.

Q: Next LeveL sounds great, but it also sounds expensive, how much are the fees and where are they listed?

A: Next LeveL charges the same rates as almost all other dance competitions. Next LeveL has worked tirelessly to cut costs on our own end, so that the customer pays the same. Fees can only be seen by studio owners that have registered with a Login Account.

Q: My child has a major injury but already paid for registration, can we get a refund?

A: Although we have a No Refund policy, special situations can occur. With a doctor's note and proper documentation, a student may obtain a refund. This is only for the individual and not the other members.

Q: Will you have streaming Options?

A: Unfortunately, there are people that use the stream for negative things such as stealing choreography. We however are currently creating a custom app that allows a managed form of streaming. In this way, we can monitor the viewing and safety of the performers through a registration controlled system. We are trying to finish this software by 2013 but depending on its complexity, it might not be available until 2014.

Please visit our Contact Page and let us know if you have any more questions!